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Document Supplier Overview

Rapid participants have access to four document suppliers: the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), CISTI, Linda Hall Library (LHL) and, most recently, Reprints Desk.

CRL is a membership based service and Rapid requests from CRL members automatically flow to CRL.

Use of CISTI, LHL and Reprints Desk is open to all Rapid participants. As of November 2013, CISTI charges Rapid participants $12.60 plus copyright and libraries are invoiced for the articles. Linda Hall Library charges Rapid participants a flat $8.00. Billing from LHL is handled via dummy IFM on OCLC. Reprints Desk charges a service fee of $5.00 plus copyright. Those selecting CISTI and/or Reprints Desk must give the Rapid staff their “maximum cost” amount to ensure that information is properly transmitted to the supplier. With the exception of CRL, requests are sent to document suppliers only after being unfilled by Rapid lenders.

With the exception of CRL, Rapid participants can use any or all of the document suppliers. Participants interested in using Linda Hall Library or CISTI should contact the Rapid staff. Those interested in using Reprints Desk must create an account and should begin by following the Reprints Desk links at the bottom of this page.

Are you interested in using Rapid’s newest document supplier, Reprints Desk? If so, the first step is to review the information at the bottom of this page by clicking the “Reprints Information” link. This information includes details about costs and turnaround time for materials requested from Reprints Desk. Libraries must create an account with Reprints Desk. You can create your Reprints account by completing the information at the “Reprints Sign-Up” link also at the bottom of this page.

Interested in learning how RapidILL will save your staff time and library money?

Click our Public Information link. Have a question about Rapid? Contact Rapid staff any time by sending an email message to:

Rapid Monthly Statistics

System Averages March-2014

Borrowing Requests Percent of Requests Filled Average Filled Turn Around Time (Hours)

128,051 96% 14.72

Current Members
ARL Pod 68 participants
Academic Pod E (Extensive) 100 participants
VALE Pod 7 participants
Academic Pod I (Intensive) 116 participants
Prospector 11 participants
Boston Library Consortium 21 participants
PALCI Pod 37 participants
JULAC Pod 9 participants
Oberlin Pod 27 participants
Taiwan 13 participants
Cosmo Pod 151 participants
ConnectNY 19 participants
ASERL 31 participants
Academic M 85 participants
SECAC 12 participants
California 23 participants
Medical Pod 20 participants
Document Suppliers
(Anyone may participate with document supplier libraries)
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